Modern episode is a comfort essential brand with a bit of a twist! High quality fabrics to compliment the unique silhouette of thee everyday woman! Setting our brand apart by dropping new vibrant colors every season & coming up with fun, flirty, youthful DIY campaigns to keep our community hooked. Redefining a contemporary blank outfit into a signature everyday look that suits everyone.

 Seen on some of your favorite Celebrities and influencers, modern episode has become a staple piece in many wardrobes. Our extremely loyal customer base keeps our company growing daily.

Modern episode was able to invest in their first brick and mortar location in midtown Atlanta, Ga.

Est. 2020-2023

Natasha’s idea to build trust, growth , respect and client retention for the new emerging brand worked! Today modern episode is now a full time e-commerce company that employs a small team to keep the brand’s community humbly growing. 


 Our Founder

The Philadelphia native started Modern Episode in 2020 whilst celebrating her 5th year working at Saks Fifth Avenue.  She used the down time of the very unfortunate COVID 19 PANDEMIC to build the foundation of the brand. 

 “My entire life I have always been into creating things and showing them to the world. I remember in the 7th grade I broke my mothers sewing machine making a purse out of my old Tommy Hilfiger jeans! She a was more proud then upset and urged me to keep going. I didn’t know my eye for fashion would walk me into so many life changing opportunities. THANKS MOMMY” 

 The mother of Two decides to take her passion for fashion and build the contemporary empire sourced, branded and stamped by the fashionista herself.